Past Programs
Past Programs

The following programs were previously recorded through KUSF-FM in San Francisco and aired on satellite radio to over 2 million listeners.

Business and Workplace

Investigating Drugs and Theft in the Workplace

Francie Koehler, private investigator

The New Paradigm in Business

Michael Ray, author, professor at Stanford University

Transforming the Corporation

Michael Banks, company development specialist

Current Trends

Domestic Violence

Edie Resto, head of La Casa de Las Madres in San Francisco, a shelter for women

Sports Medicine

Dr. James Garrick, surgeon, sports medicine center director

Common Consumer Frauds

Laurel Pollock, head of the DAs consumer fraud unit

Popular Culture and Lifestyles

Designing Children's Rooms

Tony Torrice and Ray LoGrippo, authors

Communication with Animals

Jeri Ryan, psychologist

Dreams and Personal Mythologies

Stanley Krippner, professor, psychologist

New Discoveries in Science

Brain Enhancement with Brain Wave Devices and Other Techniques

Michael Hutchinson, author and speaker

The Relationship Between Art and Physics

Leonard Shlain, author of Art and Physics

Explorations in Psychology

The Verbally Abusive Relationship

Patricia Evans, Author, Psychologist

Shamanic Techniques for Healing and Counseling

Leslie Gray

Using Light Therapy

Dr. Lee Hartley, psychologist

Law and Justice

The IRS and Criminal Investigations

Analisa Collins-Sears, IRS representative

The Immigration Controversy and Immigration Law

David Strand, immigration attorney


Offbeat Adventures

Ecological Travel

Richard Bangs, travel company president

Organizing Murder Mystery Parties for Recreation

Jim Skiba, events planner

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